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Scalable cloud storage for devices


Discover peace of mind for less than $15.


Stored in safe, private, and secure cloud

Provide a safe, secure and private home for your patient exam data – all in the cloud.

As a software-first company with decades of clinical experience and leading ophthalmic devices, Topcon Healthcare Solutions is designing and developing its products to realign business success along with customer success. This is accomplished by promoting better user experiences through the consumerization of IT in addition to providing diagnostic applications that help clinicians make difficult diagnostic decisions.

Discover peace of mind for less than $15/mo.


With the continuous growth of medical practices and an increasing number of patients that are attended daily, local storage on each instrument is reaching capacity. Clinics are required to find alternative ways to store patient exam data, which in turn can be time-consuming and costly.

Topcon CLOUD is the simplified solution. Healthcare professionals now have peace of mind when it comes to storing and archiving their data while having control over a secure backup and archive solution in the cloud.


Features / Benefits

Maximize productivity and efficiency in your healthcare practice

  • Scalable cloud backup device storage
  • The automated process promotes a backup “peace of mind”
  • Limited interactions necessary between user and system
  • Provide means for archiving older exam data used less frequently
  • Viewable data in any location with granted user log-in credentials
  • Native integration with Topcon devices
  • Eliminate the need for manual backup
  • The system is easy to install, setup, and configure
  • Access to Topcon’s support and service

Additional Benefits

  • Activity log and audit trail
  • File disaster recovery program
  • Notification and software updates included


Technical Features

  • Adheres to HIPAA and privacy laws
  • User authentication and data encryption
  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure


System Requirements

IMAGEnet 6 software requirement

Windows 7 Professional, 8.1, or 10 Pro 64 bit

Cloud Client Specifications

Either Windows 7 SP1, Windows 10 Anniversary and .Net framework 4.7.2

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